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Godzilla of Earth

Why do we search for other planets? How big is the Universe around us? How big of an emergency is to find another Earth-like planet? Keep reading my blog, we will figure this out together. Leave me a comment if you have anything related to this subject to say. Now let’s get in to my next subject. Godzilla of Earth.

A scientist has discovered in 2011 a new rocky planet, 17 times bigger than Earth. The planet is 560 light-years away in the Draco constellation and it circles a sun-like star.

The planet was named Kepler 10c because it was discovered by the US spacecraft’s Kepler Telescope. The telescope finds planets by looking for stars that dim when a planet passes in front of it. By measuring the amount of dimming, it can calculate the size or diameter of the planet. But determining the type of planet it’s not …