The Diamond Planet

The name of “ Diamond Planet” derives from the large quantity of carbon on the planet.
The planet 55 Cancri e is situated at a center of a solar system 40 light-years away from the Milky Way and its considered to have a more carbon than oxygen on her surface.
This planet earns his name as “ Super Earth because it’s a rocky world and it.s orbiting a star like our sun, but it’s 2 times bigger than the earth and his mass its 8 times bigger than the Earth

1 year on 55 Cancri e is equal to 18 hours on planet Earth.
55 Cancri e was discovered in August 2004, by detecting variations in its stars radial velocity. It was the 4th planet discovered orbiting the same star Gliese 436b. It was carefully studied in 2011 when it was discovered crossing in front of it’s parent star multiple times over a period of 2 weeks.

The surface temperature of 55 Cancri e can reach 3.900 degrees Fahrenheit, which in combination with high level of carbon make the perfect condition to create diamonds.
His host star is clearly visible with the naked eye because it is just 40 light years away. The parent star is abundant in carbon also, unlike our solar system which is filled with oxygen and silicates, the planetary system that 55 Cancri and his parent star belongs to is filled with Carbon.

Astronomers have detected changing temperature on 55 Capri e, that is believed to be related with the high amount of volcanic activity, The changes were studied over 2 years period.quote1
These changes were observed using Nasa’s Spitzer Space Telescope.
55 Cancri e does not rotate like the planet Earth does. It is a locked planet having a permanent day side and a permanent night side. The temperature observed on the sunny side of the planet swings between 1000 and 2.700 degree Celsius, which is 300% change in the signals coming from 55 Cancri e .

The planet is one of the 5 planets orbiting a sun-like star in the Cancer constellation and the one that resides the closest to his host star.yale
In December 21015 The Internationa Astronomical Union announced the names picked from a process of public nomination and voting of names proposed by the public for the 2 planets. Jansson for the planet 55 Cancri e and Copernicus for the host star.

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