The Ice Planet

The Ice Planet or Wise 0855-0714 is a brown dwarf. It is the fourth closest extrasolar system to the sub and the coldest object found in the interstellar space with a temperature between -55f to 8F degrees.
Wise 0855-0714 was detected on March 2013 and the long name indicates the coordinates of the object in the constellation Hydra.
The Ice Planet was studied with Nasa’s Wide field Impact Survey Explorer Telescope and Gemini North Telescope.
Based on the observation the Ice planet has a large displacement in his position which relates with his distance from the solar system and the astronomical measures of this chances across the sky are also directly observed.the ice planet
Based on this information the Ice planet has a mass of 3 to 10 the mass of Jupiter. Combining the his luminosity distance and mass the ice planet its considered to be the coldest known brown dwarf to this day. Wise 0855-0714 has the reddest color between the brown dwarfsbrown dwarf
Wise 0855-0714 was surveyed by WISE using infrared lights scanning the area where this brown dwarf is situated 2-3 times. Cold objects like the brown dwarf can be visible only with an infrared telescope, but not visible when viewed with visible light telescopes.
To determine the temperature of the Ice Planet, the infrared observation was made by The Spitzer Telescope.
The two measurements taken by WISE and Spitzer combined helped to measure its distance. Wise 0855-0714 is situated 7,2 light years away.

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