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Godzilla of Earth

Why do we search for other planets? How big is the Universe around us? How big of an emergency is to find another Earth-like planet? Keep reading my blog, we will figure this out together. Leave me a comment if you have anything related to this subject to say. Now let’s get in to my next subject. Godzilla of Earth.

A scientist has discovered in 2011 a new rocky planet, 17 times bigger than Earth. The planet is 560 light-years away in the Draco constellation and it circles a sun-like star.

The planet was named Kepler 10c because it was discovered by the US spacecraft’s Kepler Telescope. The telescope finds planets by looking for stars that dim when a planet passes in front of it. By measuring the amount of dimming, it can calculate the size or diameter of the planet. But determining the type of planet it’s not possible with Kepler. This doesn’t stop astronomers determine it by examining the gravitational interaction between the planet and its host star. They can determine the mass number which they will combine with the diameter, concluding that this planet could not be gaseous.

Kepler 10c is way bigger than any previously discovered ones, making it a mega earth or some call it the Godzilla Earth.

Godzilla Earth orbits his star once every 45 days, meaning 1 year on this planet lasts 45 days, but its closeness to his star it’s not making him life-friendly. Being so close to its star the water can’t romaine liquid on its surface so it’s not quite ready to sustain life.

But Kepler 10c it’s not alone, in 2011 another planet named Kepler 10b was discovered. It orbits so close to the same star that Kepler 10c does, that a year unfolds every 20 hours. This is also a rock planet. But hotter than Kepler 10c. This is the reason he was named the Lava Planet.

Finding Kepler 10c tells astronomers that rocky planets could form at an earlier time that they previously thought. This changed the perception that an old star can’t host rocky Earth’s. Instead of ruling out them in the search for Earth like planets, they should take a good second look at them.


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