The giant water reservoir.

Did you know that hot water is lighter than the cold water, and it will freeze faster? Water is everywhere. It’s the thing that makes life survive on Earth but how about space?

A big water reservoir was found in space in 2008 by a team of astronomers. It’s the largest body of water discovered in the space till now. And it’s floating in the space! It’s 12 billion years away and its floating around a quasar.

It’s suspected to hold 140 trillion more times the quantity of all the oceans on Earth.

What is a quasar? Here is the scientific explanation

explanation of quasar

Quasars ar the most powerfull entities in the space, but this one is way bigger then all the ones studied before.

This particular quasar is pumping 1000 trillion times more energy than the SUN.

A quasar gets his power from the giant black hole that consumes the disk of dust and gas that surrounds the area. As he eats away from the area surrounding it, the quasar spews out huge amount of energy.

The water vapors around the quasar reveals the nature of the quasar, and when it comes to this one the astronomers discovered that he is bathing the gas in Xrays and infrared radiations

quote nasa

By measuring all this water vapors and the molecules around the quasar, astronomers determined that this one will be able to feed the black hole until it grows six times his actual size.

Water was discovered in space before, on Mars, on one of Saturns moons, but the quantity of water that this quasar is capable to manufacture can fill galaxies full of water.

It’s a huge step taken from 1969 when scientists confirmed for the first time the existence of water out in space.


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