Water is NASA’s Game of “Where’s Waldo?” That Spans the Universe, Starting with Mars

For quite some time now NASA has been searching the nearby planets and their moons for any sort of sign of life and the basic necessity of life, water.

Any trace of water that can be found will help to both prove, and disprove a lot of the scientific theories about the planets that surround Earth.  Not only will it do that, but it will also provide us with the necessary resources needed for human survival on another planet.

In recent history, the pursuit of water has shifted to the planet Mars.

In the month of September 2015, NASA confirmed the evidence that liquid water does indeed flow on the surface on Mars thanks to the help of scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology located in Atlanta, GA.  We previously knew that Mars had polar ice caps, but we could never find evidence that confirmed that water existed on Mars in a liquid form as well.

The discovery of this is of grand importance to the scientific study of outer space, and the future of space travel for mankind in general.

Not only can water be used for drinking on any human outpost we may place there in the future, or any astronauts traveling there, but it may prove the potential for life on Mars.  Water is essential for all life that we know of so far, and anywhere we can find it brings the possibility of micro-organisms swimming around in the water at the least if not vegetation of some kind.

Comparing life on another planet to ours can give us a significant amount of insight, and open doors to other research on a massive scale.  If we don’t discover life on Mars, it will also help prove another idea that our planet must be unique somehow to sustain life while no other planet seemingly can.  No matter which way the results go, it means valuable information now that we’ve discovered that the water does exist.

Water on Mars can also be used a pit stop for space shuttles to go onto other planets.

The current space shuttles of today use separate tanks of liquid oxygen, and liquid hydrogen to fuel the space shuttle’s flight.  They are mixed, then burned to create a thrust that will allow the space shuttle to break through Earth’s atmosphere as well as travel through space.

The chemical formula that makes up water is H20, which means that water contains both substances that are used to fuel our space shuttles.  In theory, with the right equipment, our astronauts can land on the planet of Mars, generate fuel from the liquid water that is found there, then use it to refuel the space shuttle for further travel even further from Mars.  Having human beings travel past Mars today is virtually an impossible dream, but the discovery of this liquid water could change that theory, and give us a chance to begin exploring other planets in the future.

We may take water for granted here on Earth, but for the scientists at NASA, just a sample of it from Mars would be as valuable as gold.

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